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Slackline Zones

Zones slackline

In public, private or school events (festivals, city fairs, sports events, family events or else), our team can install slacklines and assist people as they discover the challenges of this wonderful balance practice for the first time.

Combine a slackline zone with a performance from one of our professionnal slackliners to give an even more spectacular tone to your event!

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Schools Workshops

Ateliers écoles

Slackline Montreal is proud to participate in the intergration of slacklining in schools throughout Quebec since 2009!

Slacklining is an emerging activity among young people. Both fun and educational, it promotes personal development at the physical level (stabilizer muscles, endurance, breathing, coordination, etc.) and mental level (concentration, presence, attention, listening, patience, etc.).

Our slackline workshops are well integrated into physical education classes, days of activities or simply between classes. We also offer training to teachers, giving them the tools needed to integrate slacklining in their establishment.

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Shows and Performances

Spectacles slackline

If you wish to add a spectacular touch to your event, ask about our performances on trickline (acrobatics on the line), waterline (above water), longline (100 feet long or more) or highline (30 feet high or more).

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Slackline Montreal founder and passionate slackliner since 2006, Julien Desforges now offers different conference formats inspired by the life lessons he draws from his slackline practice, his travels and his business experience.

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Slackline Classes

cours slackline

Slackline Montreal offers slackline classes for all levels. Take an appointment for a 60-minute introduction class or push your practice to a new level in a private class.


Advanced Slackline Workshops

Ateliers avancés

Bring your practice to a whole new level with our trickline, longline and highlines workshops.

Keep an eye on the Events section or follow Slackline Montreal on Facebook to stay up to date with our occasionnal advanced workshops.


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